Part Two- praises and thanksgiving 第二部分—赞美与感恩

Praise Section 赞美部分:

1) Praise the Lord! 赞美主

2) Praise the Father! 赞美父

3) Praise the Son! 赞美子

4) Praise the Triune God! 赞美三一神

5) Praise the Lamb of God! 赞美神的羔羊

6) Praise You, Abba Father! 赞美你阿爸父

7)Abba Father, we adore You! 阿爸父,我们羡慕你

8) Praise You, Lord for your mercy and grace. 赞美主你的慈爱和恩典

9) Praise You, Lord, for Your redemption. 赞美主你的救赎

10) Glory to the Father! 荣耀归于父

11) Glory to the Son! 荣耀归于子

12) Glory to the Spirit! 荣耀归于圣灵

13) How we adore Thee, Father. 父 我们是何等颂扬你

14) O Father God, Thou are the source of life. 哦 父神啊,你是生命的源头

15) Father, thank you for bringing home to Yourself. 父阿 感谢你 带我们回家归你

16) Lord, we give You the honor and the glory. 主啊,我们将尊贵和荣耀都归于你

17) Blessing and honor and glory be Thine! 颂赞,尊贵和荣耀都归于你

18)Praise the Father who has purposed! 赞美圣父定意、计划

19)Praise the Son who all has done! 赞美圣子来完成

20)Praise the Three who work as one! 赞美三一神是一来运行

Thanksgiving Section 感恩部分:

1) Thank you, Lord, for your precious blood. 感谢主你的宝血

2) Thank you, Lord for Your word. 感谢主你的话语

3) Thank you, Lord for a new day. 感谢主为着新的一天

4) Thank you, Lord, for my mingled spirit. 感谢主为着我这调和的灵

5) Thank you, Lord, I am a member of Your Body. 感谢主,我是你身体上的肢体

6) Thank you, Lord, for saving me. 感谢主你拯救了我

7) Thank you, Lord for the church. 感谢主为着召会

8) Thank you Lord for gathering us into your name. 感谢主为着在你的名里聚集

9) Thank you Lord for loving me. 感谢主 你爱我

10) Thank you, Lord for Your all sufficient grace. 感谢主 你全丰全足的恩典

11) Thank You, Lord, for Your table. 感谢主 你的桌子

12) Thank You, Lord, for Your faithfulness. 感谢主 你的信实

13) Thank you, Lord, for Your mercy to me. 感谢主 你对我的慈爱

14) Thank you Lord, for this food. 为着这些食物,主 感谢你

15) Thank you, Lord, that You are my life supply. 感谢主,你是我生命的供应

Prayer Section 祷告部分:

1) Lord Jesus, I love you with all of my heart. 主耶稣,我用我全心爱你

2) Lord Jesus, grow in me. 主耶稣,愿你在我里面长大

3) Lord Jesus, shine in my heart. 主耶稣,光照我的心

4) Lord, strengthen me into my inner man. 主啊,加强我到我里面的人里

5) Lord, I long to experience more of You. 主啊,我渴望更多经历你

6) Lord, cleanse me with Your precious blood. 主啊,用你的宝血洗净我

7) Lord, I open my whole being to You. 主啊,我的全人向你敞开

8) Lord, saturate Me with Your Spirit. 主啊,用你的灵浸透我

9) Lord, make Your home in my heart. 主啊,安家在我心里

10) Lord, speak to me in Your word. 主啊,用你的话语对我说话

11) Feed me, Lord Jesus, with Your word. 主耶稣,用你的话语喂养我

12) Lord, I give my life to You. 主啊,我将我的生命交给你

13) Lord, build me up with others. 主啊,使我与人同被建造

14) Lord, give me a spirit of wisdom and revelation. 主啊,赐我智慧和启示的灵

15) Gain me, Lord , for Your economy. 主啊,为着你的经纶得着我

16) Lord, make me a useful vessel to meet Your need. 主啊,让我成为有用的器皿来满足你的需要

17) Perfect me, Lord, for Your purpose. 主啊,为着你的定旨成全我

18) Burden me, Lord, for the building up of Your Body. 主啊,让我为着建造你的身体有负担

19) Lord, for Your building I give You my all. 主啊,我献上一切,为着你的建造

20) Lord, I consecrate myself to You for Your Recovery. 主啊,为着你的恢复我把我自己奉献给你