Church Life Series One 教会生活第一系列

A. Prayer and Praises 祷告与赞美

1. Part One – Verse Section 第一部分—经文部分
2. Part Two – Praises and Thanksgiving 第二部分—赞美与感恩

B. Hospitality 接待

1. Phone Conversation for Saints’ Hospitality 为着圣徒接待的电话交谈
2. Airport Pickup of a Brother 机场迎接弟兄
3. Transportation of a Visiting Family 来访家庭的出行
4. Love Feast for Visiting Saints 为着来访圣徒的爱筵
5. Lodging of Visiting Families 为来访的家庭提供住宿

C. Nourishing New Ones 喂养新人

1. Leading a New One to the Lord 领新人归主
2. Greeting a New one after He Was Saved by the Lord 问候初得救的新人
3. Helping a New One in Applying the Precious Blood of Christ 帮助新人应用基督的宝血
4. Helping a New One in Knowing His Mingled Spirit 帮助新人认识他调和的灵
5. Helping a New One in Knowing He Is a Member of the Body of Christ 帮助新人认识他是基督身体上的一个肢体

D. Shepherding the Saints 牧养圣徒

1. Appointment with a Student on the Campus 校园邀约学生
2. Shepherding a Newly Baptized One 牧养新受浸的人
3. Visiting a Sick Brother in the Hospital 看望生病住院的弟兄
4. Comforting a Sick Brother at Home 安慰家中生病的弟兄
5. Attending a Meeting in a Saint’s Home 圣徒家中聚会
6. Attending a Meeting in the Home of a Seeking One 寻求者家中聚会
7. Leading a Dormant Saint at Home to Touch His Mingled Spirit 在久不聚会的圣徒家中带领他摸着调和的灵
8. Fellowship with the Saints on the Way to the Meeting 去聚会的路上与圣徒交通
9. Fellowship with the Saints during the Meeting 聚会时与圣徒交通
10. Fellowship with the Saints after the Meeting 聚会后与圣徒交通

E. Practical Services 实际的服事

1. Lord’s Table Service 饼杯服事
2. Ushering Service 招待服事
3. Cleaning Service 整洁服事
4. Announcement Service 报告服事
5. Children’s Service 儿童服事
6. Young People’s Service 青少年服事
7. Food Service 饭食服事
8. Book Service 书报服事
9. Office Service 执事室服事
10. Service Meeting 事奉聚会