Church Life Series Four 教会生活第四系列

A. Concerning the Lord’s Recovery 关于主的恢复

1. The Lord’s Recovery 主的恢复
2. The Local Churches 众地方召会
3. What Are We? 我们是什么?
4. God’s Salvation 神的救恩
5. Our Beliefs 我们的信仰
6. Watchman Nee 倪柝声
7. Witness Lee 李常受
8. Living Stream Ministry 水流职事站
9. Knowing Sects 认识宗派
10. Our Attitudes toward Fellow Believers 对于同作信徒之人的态度

B. Concerning our Spiritual Treasures 关于我们属灵的珍宝

1. The Essence of the Bible 圣经的本质
2. The Principles of Interpreting the Bible 解经的原则
3. Life-Study of the Bible 生命读经
4. Crystallization-Study of the Bible 结晶读经
5. How to Use the Recovery Version of the Bible 如何使用恢复版圣经
6. How to Use the Footnotes in the Recovery Version of the Bible 如何使用恢复版圣经的注解
7. How to Know and Sing Hymns 如何认识诗歌并唱诗
8. How to Use the Holy Word for Morning Revival 如何使用晨兴圣言
9. How to Pray-Read, Study, Recite, and Prophesy 如何祷研背讲
10. How to Enter into the Riches of the Ministry 如何进入职事的丰富

C. Concerning the Recognition of the Local Churches 关于众地方召会的认可

1. The Local Churches: Genuine Believers and Fellow Members of the Body of Christ 地方教会:真信徒与基督身体同作肢体者
2. We Were Wrong – Christian Research Journal Article 我们错了——基督教研究院期刊
3. Voices of Confirmation Concerning Watchman Nee, Witness Lee & the Local Churches 关于倪柝声、李常受与众地方召会之证实的声音
4. The Authenticity of Local Church Faith Affirmed and Appreciated by Many Prominent Christian Scholars Worldwide 地方召会之信仰的可靠性得到全球众多著名基督教学者的证实并高度评价
5. Testimony from Fuller Theological Seminary 富勒神学院的见证
6. Testimony from Hank Hanegraaff 汉克•汉尼葛夫的见证
7. Testimony from Gretchen Passantino 格雷琴•巴沙迪诺的见证
8. Testimony from Elliot Miller 艾略特•米勒的见证