Church Life Series Three 教会生活第三系列

A. High Peak Truth 高峰真理

1. The High Peak of Divine Revelation 神圣启示的高峰
2. The Apostles’ Teaching 使徒的教训
3. The Ministry of the Age 时代的职事
4. The Economy of God 神的经纶
5. The Dispensing of God 神的分赐
6. The Processed Triune God 经过过程的三一神
7. The Full Ministry of Christ in Three Stages 基督在祂三个时期中的丰满职事
8. The Divine and Mystical Realm 神圣奥秘的范围
9. The Universal Incorporation 宇宙的合并
10. Becoming the New Jerusalem 成为新耶路撒冷

B. God-man Living 神人生活

1. God-man Living 神人生活
2. Living the Life of a God-man 过神人的生活
3. Living in Resurrection 在复活里生活
4. Living a Life of Being Conformed to the Death of Christ 过一种模成基督之死的生活
5. Living by the Grace of God 凭神的恩典而活
6. Living in the Divine Fellowship and Walking According to the Mingled Spirit 活在神圣的交通中并照着调和的灵而行
7. Taking Christ as Our Person to Live the Life of a God-man 接受基督作我们的人位过神人的生活
8. Living the Life of the One New Man as the Reality Is in Jesus 照着那在耶稣身上是实际者,过一个新人的生活
9. Living Christ as the Constituents of the One New Man 活基督作新人的成分
10. Living Christ for the Church Life in the Consciousness of the One New Man 在一个新人的感觉里,为着召会生活活基督

C. God-ordained Way 神命定之路

1. A Bird’s eye View of the God-ordained Way 神命定之路的鸟瞰
2. The Application of the God-ordained Way by a Revived Life 借着复兴的生活应用神命定之路
3. Living Uniquely for Gospel 专一为福音而活
4. The Principle of Helping New Ones 帮助新人的原则
5. The Burden of the Vital Group 活力排的负担
6. The Vitality of the Vital Group 活力排的活力
7. The Nature of the Vital Group 活力排的性质
8. The Basic Factors of the Vital Group 活力排的基本因素
9. The Start of the Vital Group 活力排的开始
10. The Practice of the Vital Group 活力排的实行