3. What Are We? 我们是什么?

1) Q. I have never heard of the Lord’s recovery. Is it a new denomination?
A. First, we must clarify that we are not a new denomination. Neither are we a new sect, a new movement, or a new organization.

2) Q. Since the Lord’s recovery is not a new denomination, are they just another religious sect?
A. We are not here to join a certain sect or form our own sect. Other than having a special calling and commission from God, there would be no need for us to exist independently.

3) Q. When did the Lord begin His work of recovery?
A. From the sixteenth century on, God has been recovering different truths. The sixteenth century was the age of the Reformation. It was a time of monumental change in religion.

4) Q. There are already too many Christian groups. Why does the Lord’s recovery exist?
A. The reason we are here is that God has given us a special calling. According to Second Peter 1:12, we need to be “established in the present truth.”

5) Q. Since we need to be established in the present truth, what should we do?
A. The “present truth” can also be rendered the “up-to-date truth.” We need to ask: “God, what is the present truth?”

6) Q. Please tell me, what is the basis of being established in God’s present truth?
A. The basis of everything is the death, the resurrection, and the ascension of Christ. Other than Christ, there is no spiritual reality. This is God’s “present truth.”

7) Q. As a person who is in the Lord’s recovery, what is your main work?
A. Our work is to sound out the call to God’s children to return to God’s central purpose, to take Christ as the center of all things, and to take His death, resurrection, and ascension as the basis of everything.

8) Q. When you say that the Lord’s recovery is the recovery of the truth, what does this mean?
A. We know that God’s truths are cumulative; later truths do not negate earlier ones. All the past truths of God form the foundation of the truths today. What we see today are the cumulative revelations of God.

9) Q. What is the starting point of the truths that you preach?
A. All of the truths that we preach today have the church as the starting point. This is our work and this is our testimony. We have four responsibilities today concerning the sinners, Satan, the church and Christ.

10) Q. If we want to be part of what the Lord is recovering, what should we do?
A. We have to preach the gospel. We have to realize there is a spiritual warfare. We have to hold fast what we see today and concerning Christ we should testify of the fact of His preeminence in all things.

Reference: The Collected Works of Watchman Nee, vol. 11: (New Believers Series, Church Life, VII-11 What Are We)