5. How to Use the Recovery Version of the Bible 如何使用恢复版圣经

1) Q. I feel joyful after reading the Bible. Is there any greater blessing and joy than reading the

A. The greatest blessing and joy in human life is to contact God and taste Him through the words of
the Bible.

2) Q. Today, there are many versions of the Bible. What makes the Recovery Version so unique?
A. The Recovery Version is also unique because it relates all the divine truths in the Bible to one
crucial matter—the economy of God.

3) Q. Besides written text of the Bible, does the Recovery Version have anything else?
A. The outlines, footnotes, and cross-references in the Recovery Version unveil the divine revelation
in the Scriptures and guide the reader into a discovery of the rich treasures hidden below the
surface of the printed pages.
答: 恢复版圣经里的纲目、注解、串珠揭开圣经中的神圣启示,并引导读者发现那隐藏在纸张背后丰富的宝藏。

4) Q. The Bible has many truths. How do I understand all of them in the proper context?
A. In order to understand the various truths in the Bible in their proper context, we need to look at
the “picture on the box” of the Bible, that is, at the central theme of the Bible unfolded from
Genesis to Revelation.

5) Q. The Bible is a book of truths. How can I put these truths in their proper perspective?
A. Everything God did in the past, is doing in the present, and will do in the future is for the
accomplishing of His economy. The revelation of God’s economy puts all the biblical truths into
their proper perspective.

6) Q. When I read the Bible, I want to know the truth. Should I do anything before I start reading?
A. It is God’s desire that all men come to the full knowledge of the truth according to His divine
economy. Pray to prepare yourself to receive the Word.

7) Q. The Recovery Version of the Bible has subject statements for each book. Why are these

A. The subject statements at the beginning of each book give you a clear and concise understanding of
the focus of each book.

8) Q. I also noticed that the Recovery Version has superscript numbers in the text. How are these

A. Superscript numbers in the text refer to footnotes. Use the footnotes to tap into the revelation
of the truth, the spiritual light, and the life supply conveyed in the Word of God.

9) Q. Also, something that I saw in the Recovery Version are superscript letters. What are they for?
A. Superscript letters in the text denote cross-references. Take advantage of the 13,000 cross-
references to find other verses not only with the same expressions and facts but also with related
spiritual revelation.

10) Q. The Recovery Version has great features, but how do I know if it is an accurate translation?
A. The text of the Scriptures is a clear and accurate translation of the original Greek text.
Outlines appear at the beginning of each book and are also embedded within the text.

Reference: http://biblesforamerica.org/pdf/study/illustrated_guide_en.pdf