10. Our Attitude Toward Fellow Believers 对于同作信徒之人的态度

1) Q. There are thousands of believers who meet in denominations. Does your group exclude these ones?
A. We do not deny that there are thousands and thousands of genuine believers scattered among all the denominations; we love them and we would like to share all the truths we have received from the Lord with them, if they would be open.

2) Q. The Body of Christ is composed of all those who have received Him. Is this your belief also?
A. We surely recognize that all the genuine believers are our brothers and sisters in the Lord. Also, we fully admit that we are not the only members of the Body of Christ.

3) Q. As members of the local church, are you open to all Christians, regardless of where they meet?
A. We are open to all the dear Christians. We not only love the Christians outside of us, but we also love all human beings. The Lord loves the world and we need to be the same.

4) Q. Some may ask, why don’t you invite others to come to your meetings to speak?
A. We did this in the past. On the island of Taiwan, T. Austin-Sparks from London was invited to speak and went to visit twice.

5) Q. T. Austin-Sparks was a spiritual giant in his day. After his initial visits, was he invited again?
A. We stopped inviting him, however, because in his second visit he tried to tear down the ground of our work, which is the unique ground of the oneness of the church practice.

6) Q. At the most, what do the members of the local church consider themselves to be?
A. The most we consider is that we are members of the Body of Christ who have come back to the original, unique ground of oneness and who are standing here as God’s remnant.

7) Q. When you say that you are standing as God’s remnant, what does this mean?
A. The type in the Old Testament is seen in the children of Israel being scattered to Syria, to Egypt, and to Babylon. When God came in to call them back to His chosen land, very few responded. The majority remained in their captivity. Those who responded were the remnant.

8) Q. As those who consider themslves to be standing as God’s remnant, is there a difference between you and other Christians?
A. The difference between other Christians and us is that they still remain there in their captivity, while we have come back to the proper, unique ground of oneness.

9) Q. Since you consider other Christians to be in a place of captivity, are you open to them?
A. We are open to all the believers, but we would not take the place of captivity where they remain. We could not join them in that place because it is a place of captivity, full of divisions, organizations, and traditions.

10) Q. As Christians, in what way do you reach out to those in the world and other Christians who do not meet with you?
A. We love the world by preaching the gospel to them and we love our fellow-Christians, even though they are not with us, by teaching the truth and by ministering life to them.

Reference: Elders’ Training, Book 04: Other Crucial Matters Concerning the Practice of the Lord’s: Recovery, Ch. 11