5. Parenting 父母

1) Q. I would like to have kids, but I don’t like the responsibilities of being a parent. Is this ok?
A. God has committed a human body, along with his soul, into your hands. The church cannot go on if parents do not have a sense of being entrusted.

2) Q. As a parent, what should be my main focus when raising my kids?
A. The main thing parents should do is nurture their children in the teaching and admonition of the Lord and not provoke them to anger or discourage them.

3) Q. My wife and I are very happy as a couple. Why do we need to be good parents?
A. Being a husband or a wife is a matter of personal happiness; being a parent is something that affects the well-being of the children of the next generation.

4) Q. I always tell my kids, “do as I say, not as I do”. Is this good parenting advice?
A. Your children will follow you all your life. Even after you have left this world, they will not forget what they have seen in you; the things you do will remain inside of them.

5) Q. Isn’t it enough just to teach my children how to behave?
A. As parents, we must do our duty with respect to our children. This means that we should not only teach them, but also set up an example for them to follow.

6) Q. Before I had kids, I could do and say whatever I wanted. Should this change after I have kids?
A. Those who have children should stop themselves from doing many things which they could do for the sake of their children.

7) Q. I would like my child to grow up with good examples to follow. What should I do as a parent?
A. The day your child is born is the day you should set a standard for yourself in morality and spiritual matters. If you don’t act according to these standards, you will ruin your child.

8) Q. As a parent, my sense of judgment and values are terrible. Will this affect my child?
A. A child may remember or forget what you say, but what he sees will remain in him forever. He develops his sense of judgment and sense of values from you.

9) Q. If we set good examples and teach our kids the right things, will they be good people?
A. No matter how good an example is set by the parents, how the children develop depends on God’s mercy. Parents must keep a high standard and also trust in the Lord.

10) Q. My children are one of God’s greatest gifts to me, how should I pray for them?
A. “Lord, these children are not mine; they are your possession placed in my custody for a period of time. Lord what I am doing with them is simply fulfilling my responsibility. How they will turn out, Lord, depends absolutely on Your mercy.”