4. Marriage Life 婚姻生活

1) Q. I want to have a healthy marriage life. As a Christian, why is this important?
A. Without a healthy married life, it is difficult to have a healthy church life. Through a healthy church life our married life can also be healthy. This is mysterious type of Christ and the Church.

2) Q. As a married couple who love the Lord, how can we have a healthy married life?
A. When we speak about the relationships between married couples, we should not neglect the infilling of the spirit. Only by being filled in our spirit can we have a healthy married life.

3) Q. My wife and I always argue about who should be more submissive. Is this healthy?
A. If husbands do not know how to submit to their wives, they will not have a peaceful married life. Husbands who do not obey submit to their wives do not know how to sympathize with them and love them.

4) Q. As a married couple, we hate it when we argue about submission. How can we stop this?
A. Only submission can cause submission. Only submission can pay the price to produce submission in others. If a husband never submits to his wife, it will be very difficult for his wife to submit to him.

5) Q. My wife says that I make too many demands on her. What should I do?
A. If a husband realizes that his wife is the weaker vessel, he will not be demanding of her. Those on the stronger side should not place demands of those on the weaker side.

6) Q. Sometimes I compare my spouse to other spouses. Is this good for our marriage?
A. If we are short of grace and do not live in the light of God, we may make comparisons. This is the subtlety of Satan to damage married life.

7) Q. As a husband, what is my first responsibility towards my wife?
A. The husband’s first responsibility is to love his wife, not to rule over his wife. In married life, the wife’s requirement is subjection and the husband’s is love.

8) Q. I like cooking meals for my husband, is this a way to care for him?
A. Regarding physical requirements, it is the wife who nourishes her husband. To nourish is to feed. It is somewhat abnormal situation for the husband to do the cooking for the wife.

9) Q. As a husband, I may not have time to cook meals for my wife. How can I take care of her?
A. Spiritually speaking, husbands are to nourish their wives. Just as we eat for the body, so husbands need to take in something of the Lord for the sake of their wives.

10) Q. I just got married recently. How do I keep on loving my wife?
A. Husbands should love their wives as their own bodies by cherishing their wives, caring for them deeply and tenderly. This is the way Christ cares for the church as His body.