6. Pray-reading God’s Word 祷读主话

1) Q. I have never heard of pray-reading. What do you mean by pray-reading God’s word?
A. According to the Bible, we may pray with the words of the Bible and over them, using the words of the Bible as our prayer to God.

2) Q. When did the practice of pray-reading God’s word begin?
A. Many believers throughout church history have pray-read without using the term pray-read. They did this without the realization of what they were doing.

3) Q. Why did so many of these believers find pray-reading so helpful?
A. Many believers throughout church history pointed out that the best way to understand the word is to read it prayerfully.

4) Q. I like reading and trying to understand the Bible. Why do I need to pray when reading?
A. Ordinary reading needs our eyes and our understanding. But to receive God’s word into the depths of our being, our spirit is needed, and the best way to exercise our spirit is by praying.

5) Q. Why is our spirit important when we are reading the Bible?
A. The Word of God is spirit and life. Our mind cannot touch the Spirit; only our spirit can touch the Spirit. If we do not touch the Spirit when reading the Bible, we do not have life.

6) Q. What happens when I receive the Word of God by pray-reading?
A. Whenever we receive the Word of God by pray-reading, the result is that we eat, drink, and breathe in the Spirit and the life in God’s Word.

7) Q. It seems like pray-reading is important. How often should I practice it?
A. Pray-reading is our way of eating, drinking, and breathing in God’s word, and the more we consistently practice it, the better.

8) Q. How much effort is required on my part to pray-read?
A. When we pray-read, there is no need to exercise our mind to “squeeze” out some words or ideas about what we have read. We just need to pray with what we have read.

9) Q. I would like to practice pray-reading. How do I start?
A. When we pray-read, our prayer should be quick and short without hesitation. Then we need to speak in a genuine way, praying in a fresh way with the words of the Bible.

10) Q. Should I practice pray-reading by myself or with others?
A. If you try pray-reading both individually and corporately, you will be able to testify that the riches of Christ have been dispensed into you through pray-reading the Word of God.