4. The Authenticity of Local Church Faith Affirmed and Appreciated by Many Prominent Christian Scholars Worldwide 地方教会之信仰的可靠性得到全球众多著名基督教学者的证实并高度评价

1) Q. Christian groups that are labeled heretical often have doctrine that does not coincide with historical Christianity. Is this the case with the local churches?
A. David Aikman, Ph.D.is an award-winning print and broadcast journalist, a best-selling author, and a foreign affairs commentator on various media outlets. He said “it is now apparent that a significant number of distinguished scholars take the view that the doctrines of the Local Church do in fact coincide with historic Trinitarian Christianity.” David is very glad that the label of “heretic” is no longer being pinned on this fine group of believers.
答:David Aikman, Ph.D. 是屡获奖项的平面和广播媒体人,畅销书作家,以及多家媒体的国际事务评论撰稿者。他说道, “显然多位德高望重的学者一致认为,地方教会的教训的确与持守三一论的传统基督教义相符。”他很高兴这班善良的信徒,不需再背负「异端」的恶名。

2) Q. Living Stream Ministry has been accused denying essential Christian truth. Is this true?
A. John H. Armstrong, D. Min. is the president and founder of ACT 3, a mission for equipping leaders for unity in Christ’s mission. His conclusion is simple and straightforward – “LSM is not guilty of denying any essential Christian truth that is a basic part of historical orthodoxy.”
答:John H. Armstrong, D.Min. 是 ACT 3总裁和创办人。ACT 3 的宗旨在训练领袖人才,以求达到基督事工的合一。他的结论简单明了:水流职事站并没有否认任何历史正统基督教的基要真理。

3) Q. The Local Churches and Living Stream Ministry wrote an open letter. What is in this letter?
A. Tom Ascol, Ph.D.is the pastor of Grace Baptist Church of Cape Coral, Florida, Executive Director of Founders Ministries, and editor of Founders Journal. According to Tom, “The “Open Letter from the Local Churches and Living Stream Ministry” includes a statement of their orthodox, evangelical beliefs that should be welcomed by all who love the Lord Jesus and who affirm the full authority of the written Word of God.”
答:Tom Ascol, Ph.D. 是佛罗里达州珊瑚角市(Cape Coral, Florida)Grace Baptist Church牧师,Founders Ministries执行董事、以及Founders Journal编辑。根据Tom的看法,“「众地方教会与水流职事站的公开信」中有一篇说明其正统、福音派信仰的声明,该为所有爱主耶稣,并尊崇神话语绝对权柄的人所接受。”

4) Q. I’m not sure what the relationship that Nee and Lee have to Living Stream Ministry. Can you clarify this?
A. Peter Kerridge studied theology at Oxford University and was Associate Minister at Avenue Baptist in Southend-on-Sea. His thoughts are, “Watchman Nee was the John Wesley of China. Witness Lee, his coworker, continued that legacy and broadened it to encompass the West and all six continents. Living Stream Ministry is the faithful custodian of their vision and strives to make Jesus known in a way that upholds their worldview and passion for the Gospel.”
答:Peter Kerridge在牛津大学研读神学,并且是Avenue Baptist in Southend-on-Sea 的副牧师。他的认为是,“倪柝声是中国的韦斯利约翰。李常受是他的同工,传承了他的教训并加以发扬光大,带到西方世界和全球六大洲。水流职事站作为他们所看见异象的忠信管家,努力推广其观点和对福音的热忱,将耶稣介绍给人。”

5) Q. Millions of believers have read Nee’s book the Normal Christian Life. What impact did the book have?
A. Like many believers, Timothy O’Fallon had the privilege of reading Watchman Nee’s The Normal Christian Life more than once. Eventually Timothy ‘got’ it, and his understanding of how a Christian ought to live was forever and radically transformed. But he often wondered what it would be like to see Nee’s exposition put into actual practice in the Body of Christ…. And then one day he met the believers of the local churches. Timothy no longer asks the question ‘what would it be like…?’ He knows what it is like. He has met such people. And according to him, it is glorious indeed.
答:和许多信徒一样,Timothy O’Fallon, M.A.有幸多次拜读倪柝声的《正常的基督徒生活》。后来Timothy终于看懂它的意思,这彻底改变了Timothy对于一个基督徒该如何生活的想法。但他常想,倪的解经若实际实行在基督的身体里,会是甚么样子。…直到有一天,Timothy遇到了地方教会的信徒。他不必再问「这…会是甚么样子?」他已经知道这是甚么样子。因为,他已经遇到这样的人,这确实是件荣耀的事。

6) Q. Each Christian group has a certain “heart-beat” that makes them unique. Can this be said of the local church?
A. Paul Young is the Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Christian Research Institute and the Secretary of the Boards of Directors for both Christian Research Institute and Christian Research Institute Canada. … He said, “To be demonstrating and declaring the unsearchable riches found only in a deep, personal relationship with Christ is the heart-beat of the followers I have met within the local churches. All for the Glory of God—being engaged in the process of lifting up Christ so that all men might be moved from being “lost” to being “found” in Him.
答:Paul Young是基督教研究院的执行副总裁兼首席运营长,以及基督教研究院和加拿大基督教研究院的董事会秘书……他说,“他们所展示并表明之追测不尽的丰富,只可能出自于与基督深刻、个人的关系;这乃是我在地方教会中遇到之跟随者的脉动。一切都为神的荣耀—进入高举基督的过程,使众人得以从「失丧」迁移到在祂里面被「寻回」。”

7) Q. I haven’t read the open letter from Living Stream Ministry in detail. What can I hope to gain from it?
A. Peter Kuzmic is Co-founder and Director of the Evangelical Theological Seminary in Osijek, Croatia, and is widely recognized as the foremost evangelical scholar in Eastern Europe. He has read very carefully the document An Open Letter from Living Stream Ministry and the Local Churches and continues to pray that the larger evangelical community in this country and elsewhere will come to realize that their cause is right, and that the deep biblical commitments and Christian orthodoxy of Watchman Nee and Witness Lee should be appreciated rather than maligned.
答:Peter Kuzmic是Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary 全球事工和欧洲研究的Eva B. and Paul E. Toms讲座杰出教授。他也是位于Osijek, Croatia之Evangelical Theological Seminary的共同创办人兼总监,他被公认是东欧最重要的福音派学者。他非常仔细的阅读了「众地方教会与水流职事站的公开信」,也不断向神祷告,但愿这个国家和其他地方的福音派大众能认识这件事,他们的事工宗旨是正确的,并且倪柝声与李常受对圣经的认定,以及对基督教正统信仰的执着,应该受人赞赏,而非毁谤。

8) Q. For those who studied the local church doctrinal statement, did they find anything questionable?
A. Paul Copan, Ph.D. is Pledger Family Chair of Philosophy and Ethics at Palm Beach Atlantic University. Dr. Copan is the past President of the Evangelical Philosophical Society and a well-known apologist. He says, the doctrinal statement of the Local Church and LSM reflects a clear commitment to the fundamental tenets of Christian orthodoxy. In a remarkable spirit of humility, the Local Church has taken great pains to clarify and refine this statement through prayer and conversation with fellow evangelicals. Dr. Copan commends this gracious spirit and urges all true Christians to embrace our brothers and sisters in the Local Church, who share the same faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.
答:Paul Copan, Ph.D. 是 Palm Beach Atlantic University哲学道德系的普莱哲讲座主席。曾任福音派哲学协会会长,为著名的卫道者。他说到,地方教会和水流职事站的信仰声明,清楚反映他们忠于正统基督教基本信仰。地方教会以极其谦卑的精神,竭力澄清,借着祷告并与福音派基督徒对话,使这份声明更为精练。Dr. Copan推荐此种雅度,并促请所有真基督徒拥抱地方教会的弟兄姊妹,他们和我们同为主耶稣基督的信仰者。所有信徒都有责任消除彼此之间的误会和误导,好使我们能成为福音的同伙。

9) Q. In regards to main items of the Christian faith, is the local church teaching orthodox?
A. Veli-Matti Kärkkäinen, Th.D., Professor of Systematic Theology at Fuller Theological Seminary and Docent of Ecumenics at the University of Helsinki. He says that in regard to the Local Churches teaching and testimony concerning God, the Trinity, the person and work of Christ, the Bible, salvation, and the oneness and unity of the Church, the Body of Christ, we found them to be unequivocally orthodox.
答:Veli-Matti Kärkkäinen, Th.D. 富勒神学院的系统神学教授,赫尔辛基大学的普世教会学专题讲员。他说道,他们(地方教会)在神、三一神、基督的身位与工作、圣经、救恩、教会的合一、以及基督的身体等教训和见证上,都绝对合于正统。

10) Q. I am a little bothered by their teaching of “locality”. Does this teaching have any real value?
A. Eugene Van Ness Goetchius, Ph.D., Th.D. was a Professor of Biblical Languages, holding chairs simultaneously in the Episcopal Theological School and the Philadelphia Divinity School. The “locality” teaching does have real value, however, for every ecumenically inclined Christian will admit that there ought to be only one church in each city—not a single congregation, perhaps, for that could be unwieldy—but one body of Christians sharing one hope and one faith and one Lord, one God.
答:Eugene Van Ness Goetchius, Ph. D., Th. D. 圣经语言学教授,圣公会神学院和费城神学院客座教授。「地方性」这项教导确有其实际的价值,因为每位具「普世教会感」的基督徒都会承认,每个城市都必须只有一个教会,也许并不是只有一个集会,因为那样可能太过庞大。但却是一个团体的基督徒,共有一个盼望、一个信、一位主、和一位神。

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