5. Reading God’s Word 读经

1) Q. There are many books which I can read. Why should I read the Bible?
A. The Bible is the unique book in the world. Countless of people throughout history have turned to the Bible for comfort, hope, and guidance during times of trouble and uncertainty.

2) Q. How do I know the Bible is accurate and not a product of man’s imaginations?
A. Many canons of other religions are filled with myths and legend. But within the Bible there are countless references to actual events, people, and places.

3) Q. What makes the Bible different from other books?
A. The Bible contains God’s element and flavor. It did not come out of man’s thought, but rather it was God’s breathing His thought and His word into and out of the writers.

4) Q. Was the Bible written by man or by God?
A. The Bible is God’s breathing His word out from men through His Spirit; no word of the Bible can be of man’s will. The writers of the Bible were borne by the Spirit and spoke from God.

5) Q. Can I find the truth and the meaning of human life outside the Bible?
A. If you are a person who is seeking after the truth and would like to know the meaning of life, you need to read the Bible, and call on the Christ presented to you in the Bible.

6) Q. I have heard many things about God and the Bible. What does the Bible reveal about God?
A. The Bible reveals one unique God who is infinite and personal, who cares for human beings as Father and a Husband, who is love, respect, justice, and mercy.

7) Q. What else does the Bible reveal about God?
A. The Bible reveals that God is wise and purposeful, and He has an eternal plan which has much to do with man and the world.

8) Q. What benefit can I receive from reading the Bible on a daily basis?
A. A Christian’s greatest joy and blessing is to be able to contact God and taste Him daily through the word of His breath.

9) Q. How can I get the most out of the Bible when reading it?
A. Whenever we come to the written word, we should have the deep conviction within that we are contacting the Lord Himself as the living Word.

10) Q. Should my approach in reading the Bible be different from other books?
A. The Bible is not only a book of black and white letters. Its nature is Spirit. Everyone who reads this book must approach it in spirit; it must be read with our spirit.