2. Casting Our Anxiety on God 将我们的忧虑卸给神

1) Q. My life is full of anxiety. How do I cast my anxieties on God?
A. Instead of us bearing the weight of the anxieties on our shoulders, we can cast them from our shoulders to God’s.

2) Q. How often should I cast my anxieties on God?
A. Casting our anxieties on God is not a once-for-all act; because we are weak, we may need to cast out anxieties upon God again and again.

3) Q. What should I do when I take back the anxiety that I have cast on God?
A. We can just tell God, “O God, forgive me for taking this anxiety back from You. Once again I would cast my anxieties upon You.”

4) Q. Why do I need to cast all my anxieties on God?
A. God has a great concern for all His children. It matters to Him concerning us and He cares for us faithfully.

5) Q. Why should I constantly tell God about the anxieties in my life?
A. We should bring our problems to God and tell Him about them so that He can comfort us and help us.

6) Q. Isn’t God too great to be concerned about the small things that we worry about?
A. God never neglects the small things, and He is willing to listen to everything that concerns us.

7) Q. Do I need to let God know about every single one of my cares and concerns?
A. God is sympathetic,and He cares about every one of our problems. In His heart there seems to be no one else’s affairs but ours.

8) Q. As I get older, why is it important that I tell God about my anxious cares?
A. The older we get, the more anxious we become; and if we do not cast our anxieties on God, we shall not have peace.

9) Q. It seems like our entire human life is full of anxiety. What should we do?
A. Our whole life with all its anxieties should be cast upon the Lord. This means we need to commit and give up every anxiety to Him.

10) Q. I am often anxious about today and the future. What should I do?
A. We can tell God, “God, I cast not only today’s anxiety upon You, but all the anxieties I expect to have in the future.”