1. Prayer 祷告

1) Q. Is prayer just talking to God and asking Him to do things for us?
A. Talking to God can be considered prayer, but a real prayer is the mutual contact between God and man, where man contacts God and God contacts man.

2) Q. If God can do anything He wants without my cooperation. Why are my prayers important to Him?
A. Through prayer man not only cooperates with God, but also works together with God, so that God and His desire may be expressed through man.

3) Q. Besides being able to contact God, what are other benefits of prayer?
A. There are many benefits of prayer, but the greatest is that in our prayer before God and our contact with God, we receive mercy and find grace for timely help to meet our every need.

4) Q. When I am praying, should I talk to God only according to the thoughts in my mind?
A. When we pray, we should not just pray according to the thoughts in our mind, but according to the sense deep within our spirit.

5) Q. How do I stop my mind from wandering or from falling asleep when I pray?
A. It is easier for our mind to wander when we pray silently, but if we pray audibly we will not fall asleep, and our mind will not wander.

6) Q. What should I do when I sense there is something separating me from the Lord?
A. Because we are sinful, whenever we pray, we must ask the Lord to cleanse us with His precious blood, so that any barrier between us and Him can be removed.

7) Q. I usually pray when I feel like it or when the environment is just right for me to pray. Is this a proper attitude toward prayer?
A. Not only should we strive in prayer, but we should continue in prayer, because almost everything in our environment is contrary to prayer.

8) Q. Despite my busy schedule I want to have a normal prayer life. How do I do it?
A. First you should make a vow unto the Lord concerning your prayer life, then let Him bear the responsibility of reminding you to pray.

9) Q. How important is it to set aside definite times each day for prayer even when faced with a busy daily schedule?
A. Prayer is our most important business. If we do not have this kind of attitude on a daily basis, we shall not be able to have a successful prayer life.

10) Q. How can I bring back the vitality and eagerness that I had towards the Lord?
A. Prayer makes us vital and eager towards the Lord, and there is no other way to be vital and eager except by prayer.