10. Clothing 衣服

1) Q. As a Christian, I like to wear the latest fashions and styles. Is this ok?
A. A Christian should not wear clothes which provide an opportunity for an unbeliever to say, “Do Christians wear such things too?” We must learn to have modesty and sobriety in our dress.

2) Q. Once a woman becomes a Christian, how should they dress?
A. According to the Bible, women should not fashion their hair in many styles, wear jewelry or colorful and stylish dresses. Instead they should adorn themselves with a meek and quiet spirit.

3) Q. Sometimes I see men wearing women’s clothing and vice versa. Is this okay?
A. The Bible forbids men to wear women’s clothing and vice versa. Anything which confuses the distinction in gender does not glorify God.

4) Q. I like wearing clothes that are an expression of who I am. Is there anything wrong with this?
A. A Christian should not wear anything that draws attention to his clothes but to his person. Clothing is meant to express the person. Our clothing should not take over who we are.

5) Q. If some cultures are not ashamed of being without clothing, why do we need clothing?
A. Clothing is necessary because we need to cover ourselves. After man fell, God clothed man with animal skins. The purpose of clothing is to cover the body.

6) Q. I don’t like looking like a poor person. Is it okay for me to wear expensive, fancy clothes?
A. A person’s clothes should match his status. Do not dress too poorly and do not dress too well. Poor clothing attracts attention the same way fancy clothing does.

7) Q. When picking what to wear for the day, what is the main thing that I should think about?
A. We should not let others feel that we are too much or too poor in the way we dress. Our clothes should glorify the Lord.

8) Q. In the beginning Adam and Eve did not wear any clothes, why was this?
A. Before man fell into sin, he was innocent, and he had no feeling of shame before the fall. Although he did not wear anything, he was not ashamed.

9) Q. If Adam and Eve were naked and not ashamed, what caused them to cover themselves later?
A. When sin came in, the first effect on man was the realization of his own nakedness, he felt ashamed immediately. So Adam and Eve made aprons of fig leaves and put them on.

10) Q. If I am serious about what I wear as a Christian, what should I do?
A. We must present everything in our wardrobe piece by piece to the Lord and pray over each item. Do not expect others to come and tell you what is acceptable. Bring everything to the Lord yourself and let the Lord judge you.