7. Education 教育

1) Q. School is too much. Why do I have to spend all the best years of my life going to school?
A. No, it is not too much. There are some older, experienced believers in the Lord who can tell you that according to their experience of human life, education is next only to God.

2) Q. I am tired of school and want to stop after high school. What do you think I should do?
A. I would encourage you not to stop your education after graduation from high school. You have to keep going. If you do not get a Ph. D, you have to get at least a master’s degree.

3) Q. School is boring and takes too long. Why do I need to spend so many years in school?
A. It seems like a long time, but in actuality, it is very short. It will go by very quickly. Whether or not you are successful in the future depends upon how you spend these next ten years.

4) Q. I think I can go to school anytime and get education. Can I put school off till later?
A. The best time to get your education is from the age four to twenty four. That is the unique time there is no other time for this.

5) Q. I am in high school and have a 3.9 GPA. I don’t feel the need to work harder. Is this ok?
A. If you have a 3.9, that is wonderful, but when you are 24, you will regret it. You will say, “Why did I not spend a little more energy to get a 4.0 or higher?”

6) Q. I see the importance of getting a good education, but why do I need God?
A. In the whole universe the most important One and the first One is God. The Bible says that the most pitiful person is the one who does not have God.

7) Q. Isn’t it enough for a Christian just to love God and be a good person?
A. According to human experience, there are three things that we need in order to run the course of our life well. These three are God, education and character.

8) Q. I want to spend the rest of my life studying the Bible. Isn’t this good enough?
A. The Bible is very important, but education is also important. Now you need to receive an education.

9) Q. If I have God, I have everything. What else do I need?
A. As long as you have God, that is enough; that means a lot. The number one thing people need is God, but the second thing they need is education.

10) Q. As someone who is experienced and older, what are you thankful for?
A. I thank God that when I was young, He afforded me the opportunity, the time, to receive Him. I had God when I was young and at the same time I received a certain amount of education.