10. Facing Persecution 面对逼迫

1) Q. Facing persecution is not an easy thing. Is there any encouragement from the Bible?
A. If you are reproached in the name of Christ, you are blessed. 1 Peter. 4:14 says, “If you are reproached in the name of Christ, you are blessed, because the Spirit of glory and of God rests upon you.”

2) Q. You say that if we are reproached in the name of Christ we are blessed. What does that mean?
A. “In the name of Christ” is actually in the person of Christ, in Christ Himself, because the name denotes the person. When they are reproached in His name, they are reproached in Him, sharing His sufferings, in the fellowship of His sufferings (Phil. 3:10).

3) Q. When Christians got persecuted, was this a blessing or a curse to them?
A. The reason the persecutions we suffer are the sufferings of Christ is that we suffer in the name of Christ. This is to be blessed. However, it may be a curse if people appreciate us too highly.

4) Q. There are some who are able to endure more suffering and persecution than others. What happens to these ones?
A. The more we suffer and are persecuted, the more glory there will be upon us. This is truly a blessing. Therefore, we should rejoice when we are reproached in the name of Christ, because the Spirit of glory is resting upon us.

5) Q. Before I was saved, life was great. Now, it seems that those who loved me are against me. Why is this?
A. Satan opposes God continually in every possible way. Satan is displeased whenever people turn to God, and he will not tolerate this. Once a person turns to God, Satan will instigate others to persecute that one.

6) Q. No one likes suffering or persecution. Is it possible to be a Christian and avoid these things?
A. Christians are appointed to suffer persecution. Persecution, therefore, is the portion appointed to us as believers in Christ. Hence, the first aspect of practical Christian perfection is to endure trials, a word that includes persecution.

7) Q. Some Christians are persecuted and endure hard trials. Are trials meant only for suffering?
A. Persecution is a suffering. However, trials are not merely a suffering, for trials are a suffering that serves the purpose of trying or proving us.

8) Q. I don’t like trials or any kind of hardship. Why does God allow these things to happen to us?
A. There are “finals” and other kinds of “examinations” in the school of spiritual education. Just as examination are good for students, so the various trials we face as Christians are a profit to us.

9) Q. Those who persecute me, say bad things about me and I always want to defend myself. What should I do?
A. The persecutors now speak evil against you. But if you live a life that is excellent among them, a life that is beautiful in quality and excellent in manner, they will observe your good works and glorify God in the day of visitation.

10) Q. I want to change the attitude of those who persecute me. Do you have any advice?
A. The persecutors change their attitude because of the transformation of our life. Eventually, they will come to realize that we are under God’s care, a people under God’s visitation.