3. Family Life 家庭生活

1) Q. In order to have a healthy family life, what is the most important thing?
A. In order for a family to go on well, love must grow. Love is the foundation of the family. Love leads two people into marriage, and it keeps them together in the family.

2) Q. My life is fine as long as I only get along with those in the church. Is this ok?
A. If a man cannot live together with his wife at home and cannot be at peace with her, he can never be at peace with those in the church. This is a fact.

3) Q. As a family, we find it difficult to forgive one another. Why is forgiveness important?
A. When there is any wrongdoing, learn to forgive. As soon as you forgive, the matter is over. In order for a family to go on, there must be forgiveness.

4) Q. My wife says that I have some habits that annoy her. Is this healthy for our family?
A. For any family to be successful, the husband and the wife must never do anything which the other considers annoying, even though he or she may not have the same feeling about it.

5) Q. My family say that I have bad manners. Are good manners important in a family?
A. The joy and pleasure of human relationships have a lot to do with manners. As soon as we throw away the proper manners, the ugly side of human nature will show itself.

6) Q. My family know that I love them, but do I need to be polite when I speak to them?
A. Christians must remember that love does not behave inappropriately. You must learn to say, “I am sorry,” “Thank you,” and “May I” at home. Learn to speak polite words in the family.

7) Q. My wife says I need to watch the tone of my voice when talking to her. Is this true?
A. We must see that the family will not be peaceful as long as the tone of voice is wrong. Any tone of voice that is improper, strong, harsh, or proud must not be allowed in the family.

8) Q. My wife and I often argue about who is more selfish. Why is selfishness a family problem?
A. You must not be selfish. If you are married, you must live like a married person. You should not live like a bachelor. Selfishness is probably one of the chief causes of family problems.
问: 我和妻子经常争论谁更自私。为什么自私是家庭的一个难处呢?

9) Q. My wife says that I am too controlling and she needs room to breathe. What should I do?
A. Anybody in the world can be loved except one type of person—a jailer. If you expect your wife to give up all her freedom to you, this is the same as saying that you want her to fear or hate you.
问: 我妻子说我太控制她而且她需要呼吸的空间。我该怎么作呢?

10) Q. We want to have a healthier family life with fewer problems. How can we have this?
A. In order for a family to be healthy, the husband and the wife should both live before the Lord. As soon as they do not live before the Lord, their family will have problems.