9. Fellowship with the Saints during the Meeting 聚会时与圣徒交通

1) Q. Would one of the brothers or sisters like to begin the meeting with a prayer?
A. Lord Jesus we ask You to cover all of us tonight with Your precious blood. Thank You for bringing us together for another meeting to glorify You.

2) Q. Who can call a hymn that relates to tonight’s reading?
A. How about we sing 1151?

3) Q. George, can someone tell us what you like about that hymn?
A. I liked stanza 1, where we can “drink a river pure and clear that is flowing from the throne.”

4) Q. Does someone have a verse from John chapter 7, for us to pray-read to begin the Bible study?
A. Let’s pray-read John 7:38, since it is part of our reading tonight.

5) Q. Mary, what caused you to choose John 7:38 to pray-read?
A. I chose John 7:38 because by believing into Him, out of our innermost being can “flow rivers of living water.”
答:我选择约翰福音七章38节,是因为借着信入祂,从我们的腹中要 “流出活水的江河来。”

6) Q. Who would like to start reading John chapter 7 so that we can start drinking of these living waters?
A. I would like to start reading John chapter 7, after enjoying the flowing, pray-reading of verse 7:38.

7) Q. Joe, please start to share what you enjoyed concerning John chapter 7, as we go around and speak what touched each one of us the most.
A. In John 7:18, I liked what the Lord says, that there is no unrighteousness in one who seeks the glory of Him who sent Him, this One is true, rather than seeking his own glory by speaking from himself. He spoke of glorifying God the Father rather than glorifying Himself.

8) Q. Mark, could you continue your enjoyment of John chapter 7?
A. I especially enjoyed John 7:37, where the Lord stands up and cries out, “If anyone thirsts, let him come to me and drink.” We have to be thirsty for us to thirst for His living waters.

9) Q. Is there anyone who has not had a chance to share his or her enjoyment of John chapter 7?
A. I especially enjoyed John chapter 7:39, because it shows why He said in John 7:38, “He who believes into me,” since the believers were about to receive the Spirit, since the Lord had not yet been glorified.

10) Q. Is there someone who would like to begin to thank the Lord for tonight’s meeting?
A. O Lord Jesus! Thank you that we could hear your speaking concerning Your quenching of the thirsty seekers.