9. Food 食物

1) Q. As a Christian, what should be my attitude toward food?
A. As Christians, we know that we are living on earth for God and for His purpose. Because of this, we receive what God has prepared for our living and we thank Him for it all.

2) Q. In my opinion, healthy food tastes horrible. Why is most healthy food so tasteless?
A. We should not pay attention to the taste of food that we eat but rather pay attention to the nutrition that we receive from it.

3) Q. Because of my terrible eating habits, my body is now paying for it. What should I do?
A. It is best not to allow anything to damage your body. If this happens, seek to be cured after the damage has been done. The best thing to do is to cherish and maintain your body now.

4) Q. I am young and don’t feel that I need to pay attention to what I eat. Is this okay?
A. When we are young we need to pay attention to what we eat. For example, we should not eat under stress, eat in haste or eat without control. Otherwise we will have very serious stomach problems.

5) Q. I am not used to praying or thanking God for my food before I eat it. Is this important?
A. Our prayer to God for the food we eat separates our food from being common and sanctifies it unto God for His purpose, which is to nourish us that we may live for Him.

6) Q. Sometimes I don’t know what to do about food that has blood. What does the Bible say?
A. Blood is something that bears a great significance, not only during the time of Noah and in Leviticus, but also at the time of the book of Acts. Abstinence from blood is a consistent teaching in the Bible.

7) Q. Man did not always eat meat. When did man start eating meat?
A. In Genesis 3 after man fell, God gave man herbs for food and intended that this would be man’s food. But in Genesis 9, God gave the animals to man for food.

8) Q. If I know that the food I am about to eat has been offered to idols, what should I do?
A. God’s children must know that idols are vanity and nothing. But they should not cause others to be stumbled through them. In this case, it is better not to eat things sacrificed to idols at all.

9) Q. I know that idols are nothing, but what is the main reason for not eating food offered to idols?
A. Satan and idols have no power over us. We are not afraid of demons. But before God we must learn to care for our brothers, for their conscience sake.

10) Q. I don’t have set eating times and I usually eat what I want, when I want. Can I keep this up?
A. Learn to eat a regular amount at a regular time and avoid eating too much at times and too little at others. Even if we fast we should not do it too irregularly. This will ruin our stomach.