6. Finance 理财

1) Q. I think that giving my money away is like wasting it. What should be my attitude toward money?
A. When Christians give, they are not throwing their money away; they are sowing. He who sows sparingly shall also reap sparingly, and he who sows with blessing shall also with blessings reap. (2 Cor 9:6)

2) Q. I am afraid of giving my money away and having nothing left for me. Is this possible?
A. God has promised that we will have no lack on earth. The birds of the air have no lack of food and the flowers have no lack of clothing. God’s children should have no lack of clothing and food.

3) Q. Sometimes, I am just trying to ‘make ends meet’ financially. Why does this happen?
A. If we have any lack, there must be a reason or cause for it. If we are regularly trying to make ends meet, we are not managing our wealth according to God’s principle of giving.

4) Q. I know that God has a rich supply, but why doesn’t His supply always meet my need?
A. It is not because God cannot supply. Rather we need to meet His requirements before we can receive His supply. His requirement is to give.

5) Q. The reason I don’t give regularly is because I have problems living on my income. Is this ok?
A. If a person has no problem with his giving, it is hard to imagine that he will have problems with his income. God’s Word is quite clear. If we give to others, the Lord will give to us.

6) Q. I don’t give money regularly because I want to give it all away at once. Is this ok?
A. Even if you give away all your money at once, it will gradually regain its power over you. Therefore, as Christians we must learn to continually let go of our money.

7) Q. I feel better when I hold on to my money than when I give it away. Why should I give?
A. The tighter you hold on to your money, the more it dies. The more you grasp it the more it disappears, it will evaporate like vapor. But the more you give away the more you will have.

8) Q. Why is my faith greater when I want something from God than when He wants me to give?
A. Most people only exercise faith when they ask God for money; they do not exercise faith in giving money. This is why they do not have faith to receive anything from God.

9) Q. The more money I have in my pocket, the richer I am. Will giving make me poor?
A. Man thinks that the more he has in his hand, the better off he will be. But, keeping things in one’s hand is the very cause for poverty, while offering things to God is the cause for blessing.

10) Q. If I find myself having more than what I need, what should I do?
A. If it is put in God’s storehouse, it becomes your blessing. Poverty comes upon those who try to hold back something that is due to God.