1. God-man Living 神人生活

1) Q. I have never heard of the term God-man. Who is a God-man?
A. A God-man is a man who is regenerated and transformed to be one with God, taking God as his life, person and everything. Eventually, this one becomes God in life and nature, but not in the Godhead.

2) Q. Now I know who a God-man is, how does he live?
A. The life of a God-man is a life of crucifixion by and in and with resurrection. It is a life in which I have been crucified with Christ, and it is no longer I who live but He who lives in me (Gal. 2:20) Q..

3) Q. A Christian is a person who has the Lord living in them. How is it that he can live with the Lord?
A. When the Lord lives in me, He lives with me, with the result that I live with Him. He lives with me, and I live with Him. We two live together in the way of mingling, a mingling of God and man.

4) Q. Since Christ lives in me, how do I apply this to my life on a daily basis?
A. We should remain in His crucifixion to be conformed to the mold of His death every moment in every part of our life. That will cause us to spontaneously live Him as the resurrection. This is the living of a God-man.

5) Q. In order to live this life of a God-man, what should my daily practice be?
A. Our practice should be to live the life of a God-man by realizing the power of the resurrection of Christ to take His cross as He did, to be crucified, to be conformed to His death, every day to live another One’s life.

6) Q. In the church life, if we practice everything according to the Bible, is this good enough?
A. Our practice is not merely to have the church life in which we do everything absolutely according to the Bible. The goal of our practice should be to live the life of a God-man.

7) Q. The God-man living seems to be important, but why should I choose to live this kind of life?
A. If we live such a life, we are the Body of Christ. If we do not live such a life, what we have is just something similar to the ethical teachings of Confucius and the superficial activities of religion.

8) Q. Once I decide to live this kind of life, what will happen?
A. Our living the life of a God-man will save people, edify others, and build up the local churches even to the building up of the Body of Christ.

9) Q. I want to have a good family, marriage and social life. If I live such a life, will this help me?
A. The highest family life, marriage life, and social life come out of such a life. This life is the life of the church and the life of the Body of Christ. Such a life is the reality of the Body of Christ.

10) Q. How important is living such a life in my marriage and church life?
A. In our marriage life it saves us from separation and divorce. In the church it saves us from opinion, division, despising, criticizing, and murmuring.