4. Having Prayers Answered 祷告得着答应

1) Q. What do I need to do in order to have my prayers answered?
A. When we pray we need a specific goal in mind. It is useless to spend an hour or a day before the Lord without asking for anything.

2) Q. What should I ask the Lord for during my prayer?
A. We should never ask God beyond our capacity or need. But if we have a need, we can ask God, we should only ask Him to take care of our need.

3) Q. Will God answer my prayer regardless of my condition?
A. If we have an obvious and known sin in our heart and are unwilling to drop it, the Lord will not answer our prayer. We should acknowledge all sins as sins and put them under the blood.

4) Q. Once I pray and ask the Lord for certain things, what should I do next?
A. We must believe when we pray. If we believe that we have received what we are praying for, we will have them.

5) Q. What do I do when I find myself in difficulty and full of doubt?
A. All things are possible to him who believes. When we pray we should learn to lift up our eyes and say, “Lord! You can.”
问:我在有难处的时候, 充满了疑惑。我该怎么办?

6) Q. Will God do what I asked Him in my prayer?
A. Whether or not God can do something is not the question here; rather, it is a question of whether or not God is willing.

7) Q. Is it enough to know that God can and will answer my prayer?
A. We also need to know what God has done. Faith is not just believing that God can and will do something, but also believing that God has done something already.

8) Q. Why do some people’s prayers go unanswered?
A. They still hope that they will receive something. To hope means to expect something in the future, whereas to believe means to consider something as having been done.

9) Q. Why haven’t I had my prayers answered when I had great faith in my prayers?
A. Faith is not a psychological exercise. If we have not received God’s word that He can, will and has done it, we should not take the spiritual risk of trying to tempt God.

10) Q. Should I stop praying if my prayer has not been answered after I prayed for a period of time?
A. We must persevere in prayer and never stop praying. We must have the faith to pray to the Lord persistently until one day He is obligated to answer our prayers.