10. How to Enter into the Riches of the Ministry 如何进入职事的丰富

1) Q. As a Christian why is it important that I know the truth?
A. First Timothy chapter 2 verse 3 and 4 says “…our Savior God who desires all men to be saved and
to come to the full knowledge of the truth.”

2) Q. Once I decide to study the truth, how often should I study?
A. We should study the truth every day either three times of ten minutes each or one time of thirty
minutes. We can also pray-read two or three verses of the chapter we are reading every day.

3) Q. Pray-reading seems important while studying the truth. Can I also pray-read the life-study

A. We do not need to pray-read the life¬study Messages, but we have to pray-read the Biblical verses,
in order to get the help to enter into the truth conveyed in these few verses.
答: 我们不需要祷读生命读经的信息,但必须祷读经文,好得着帮助,进入这几节经文所传输的真理。

4) Q. Pray-reading a few verses at a time seems very slow to me. Does pray-reading in this way really

A. A few verses seems very slow but we must realize that breathing is a slow thing. We only breathe a
little at a time, but this continual practice accumulates and keeps us living.

5) Q. I have heard some people say that we need to be constituted with the truth. Why is this

A. Once the truth has been constituted into someone, it will remain there forever and its remaining
is its supply. Our need for the long run is this kind of education with the truth, which is really
something solid, living, and existing.

6) Q. If I want to be constituted with the truth, is this something that I should expect to happen

A. Do not expect to have an overnight success, which is like a factory making artificial flowers.
Overnight you can produce many flowers, but in a genuine nursery or garden it takes time to grow

7) Q. I usually read the Bible when I feel like it or have time. Is this ok?
A. We all need to get into a practice of getting into the Lord’s Word for at least thirty minutes a
day. This can be done by taking ten minutes in the morning, ten minutes in the evening, and another
ten minutes before going to bed.

8) Q. I don’t think that I can pick up all the truths in the New Testament quickly. What’s a
realistic goal?

A. To pick up the truth contained in half of the New Testament after five years will be marvelous. We
do not encourage the saints to be greedy and attempt to finish one book in one day. Then “their
stomach will burst.”

9) Q. My home, private and church life could be better. Will studying the Bible this way help these

A. After one year of studying the Bible in this way, there will be a solid change in our home life,
private life, and church life.

10) Q. My daily schedule is usually packed. How can I fit in time for the Lord?
A. We need to set up a proper schedule of our daily life, having a budget in time, energy, and
finances. Also, we should set aside some time for the Lord every week and every day.

Reference: Messages Given to the Working Saints, chapter 8; Elders’ Training, book 3, chapters 9-13.
(96 Lessons, L2-22 Enter Riches)