2. Healthy Life 健康生活

1) Q. The main reason I want to be healthy is just to feel good. Is this a good goal for me?
A. We want a healthy life so that we may extend our days on earth and be more useful in the Lord’s hand.

2) Q. Steak is my favorite food, and I eat it almost everyday. Is this good for me?
A. Among the different kinds of meat, fish is the best, chicken is next, then lamb, and then beef. It is better to avoid pork because it does more harm than good.

3) Q. When some people eat fried food like chicken, they don’t eat the skin. Is the skin bad for you?
A. If you have to eat some, try your best to remove the skin and eat only the meat. Some people especially love to eat the skin of fried chicken. By doing so, they shorten their life expectancy.

4) Q. I have a sweet tooth and find it hard to give up sweets. What should I do?
A. For the sake of our body, we need to learn not to eat too many sweet things. We do not hate our body, but we nourish and cherish it even as Christ also the church.

5) Q. I think salty, greasy foods taste better. Can I still keep eating these kinds of foods?
A. Salted food is the worst. While you are still young, learn to eat food without grease and heavy seasoning, and over a period of time you will get used to it.

6) Q. During every meal I try to eat as much as I can. Is overeating at my young age a problem?
A. Overeating should be avoided but our stomach should not be empty. Do not think that because you are still young, you are strong enough to hold yourself up. Eventually you will be sick.

7) Q. I only drink water when I am thirsty. How much water should I be drinking everyday?
A. At least twelve big glasses every day. Water is for cleansing of the whole system; taking plenty of fluid keeps our system cleansed all the time.

8) Q. I go to the gym almost every day, but I eat a lot of fast-food. How can I be healthier?
A. You should pay attention to your diet. You should absolutely avoid fatty meat and learn to eat food without grease and heavy seasoning and over a period of time you will get used to it.

9) Q. I’m too lazy to go to the gym and exercise. How much time do I need to exercise?
A. At least half an hour of exercise every day. Any kind of exercise will do. Don’t be strict; just let your body move around a little bit. Walking is one of the best exercises.

10) Q. My friends say that I have a short fuse. Will this affect my physical health?
A. For the sake of our physical health, we should not argue with people. More cells in our body are killed when we quarrel, argue or get angry than when we catch a cold.