10. Leading Men to Christ 领人归主

1. Q. Now that I have believed in the Lord and have great joy, what should I do?
A. You should testify of your experience. You should witness to your friends, relatives, and acquaintances of what you have seen and heard, and bring them to the Lord.

2. Q. Why should I tell others right away about my salvation experience?
A. If we do not open out mouths from the very beginning, after a few days we will form a habit of keeping our mouths closed. The longer we wait, the harder it becomes to open our mouths.

3. Q. How important is it to the Lord that I speak about Him with others?
A. You have tasted so great a love, received so great a Savior and obtained so great a salvation. Yet you do not testify for the Lord or light others with your light. You really owe the Lord something!

4. Q. What do I need to do before I speak to others about Christ?
A. Prayer is the foundation of leading men to Christ. Before we open our mouths before man, we first open our mouths before God. We need to first ask God then talk to men.

5. Q. What do I do if my prayers are not being answered?
A. The greatest obstacle to prayer is sin. We must learn to live a holy life before the Lord. The moment we take sin lightly or tolerate it, our prayers will be hindered.

6. Q. How do I maintain the joy that I had when I received the Lord?
A. Many Christians do not have much joy because they have never spoken anything for the Lord. They have never led a person to the Lord.

7. Q. How can I have the same happiness that I had when I first believed in the Lord?
A. The two happiest days in every believer’s life are the day he believes in the Lord and the day when, for the first time, he leads another person to Christ.

8. Q. Why have so many people not heard of the gospel?
A. Many people have not heard the gospel because you have not testified to them. The consequence of this is eternal separation; it is not only temporal parting. This is too crucial.

9. Q. When testifying to others, what should I do when asked doctrinal questions?
A. The key to leading men to the Lord is to emphasize the facts, not the doctrines. Just recall what it was like when you were saved. You did not believe because you understood doctrines.

10. Q. Should I engage in arguments with others?
A. We should try to say less in the way of argument and more in the way of testimony. Show others that they do not have your kind of peace and joy and therefore should believe in the Lord.