9. Morning Revival 晨晨复兴

1) Q. Do I need to be revived every morning?
A. Every morning, our whole body needs revival. We need to wash our faces, after that all our sluggish feeling is washed away. This proves that every morning the human body needs a renewal.
答:我们早上起床之后,全身都需要一个复兴。我们需要洗脸, 洗了脸之后,全人就都新鲜起来。这证明人的身体每天早晨都需要一次更新。

2) Q. Can I be revived at any hour in the morning?
A. The period of time that needs to be redeemed the most is six to seven o’clock in the morning. During this hour, every minute is precious. We have to redeem this time.

3) Q. Why do I need to be revived in the morning?
A. The Christian revival does not occur in the afternoon or at sunset. Rather it occurs in the morning. The Christian life is not a sunset, but rather a dawning of the sun.

4) Q. What if I am too busy to spend time in the morning to be revived?
A. It does not matter how busy we are, we have to spend time in the morning to exercise our spirit. Whether we are in the world or church meetings, we should bring the shining light to others.

5) Q. How important is morning revival in my Christian life?
A. Just like eating our breakfast, we may spend ten or twenty minutes to eat the spiritual food before the Lord every morning so that our spirit may be daily satisfied.

6) Q. How much time should I spend in order to be adequately revived?
A. If you would spend half an hour or even fifty minutes praying and reading the Lord’s word and finally mixing the praying with the reading, your spirit will be enlivened.

7) Q. When I wake up in the morning, what should I do to be revived?
A. We get revived in the morning by calling on the name of the Lord to contact Him. We can also use two or three verses to enjoy the Lord, to breathe in the Lord’s rich supply.

8) Q. What is one practice that can help me to be revived in the morning?
A. Because our time in the morning is most precious, it is best for us to spend as little time as possible on other things and to spend this time on pray-reading.

9) Q. What should I do before I start reading the Lord’s word?
A. Before we read, we must pray and confess our sins, so that we may be richly filled and saturated by the Spirit of Christ.

10) Q. How should I make the most of my limited morning time?
A. In order to save time, when we are dressing in the morning, we can begin to call on the Lord and pray-read His word. If others are asleep, we should not be loud but pray from within.