3. Living in Resurrection 在复活里生活

1) Q. When you say that we must live in resurrection, what does this mean?
A. In order to live in resurrection we must know, experience and gain the God of resurrection. When the God of resurrection works, He communicates Himself to man by that which He does for him.

2) Q. Many Christians seem to be satisfied with miracles. Why is this not enough?
A. In the Old Testament, the miracles wrought for Israel in the wilderness were acts of the living God; but despite the many miracles wrought for them, nothing of God was wrought into their constitution.

3) Q. What is the difference between the God of resurrection and the God who does things for man?
A. While the living God can perform many acts on man’s behalf; the life and nature of the living God are not wrought into man; when the God of resurrection works, His life and nature are wrought into man

4) Q. In our experience, how does God cause us to know Him as the God of resurrection?
A. God is working through the cross to terminate us, to bring us to an end so that we will no longer trust in ourselves but in the God of resurrection.

5) Q. If I work for God, but not in resurrection, will the life-giving Spirit honor this?
A. The sevenfold intensified life-giving Spirit only honors things in resurrection; if we do any work which is not in resurrection, the life-giving Spirit will never honor it.

6) Q. In my daily life, how can I practice living in resurrection?
A. When we do not live by our natural life, but live by the divine life within us, we are in resurrection. We all need to be disciplined by the Lord to live in the divine life by denying our natural life.

7) Q. In what way does God cause me to live and be constituted with the God of resurrection?
A. In order to live in resurrection and be constituted with the God of resurrection, we must be conformed to the image of Christ as the firstborn Son of God through “all things” mentioned in Romans 8:28.

8) Q. If I want to live in resurrection, what should I be doing on a daily basis?
A. In order to live in resurrection, we must be renewed day by day by being nourished with the fresh supply of the resurrection life.

9) Q. Some say that the real Christian life is a life of happiness, peace and prosperity. Is this true?
A. The real Christian life is to have the God of resurrection added into us morning and evening, day by day.

10) Q. What should I do in order to receive more of this resurrection life?
A. In order to receive the renewing capacity of the divine life in resurrection, we need to contact God, open ourselves up to Him and let Him come into us to be a new addition in us day by day.