3. Living Uniquely for the Gospel 专一为福音而活

1) Q. I think that preaching the gospel is for trained professionals, like pastors. Is this true?
A. The New Testament tells us that we all are priests of the gospel and must personally go forth to save sinners.

2) Q. When we preach the gospel, shouldn’t we just invite people to come to us and listen to message?
A. The God-ordained way for gospel preaching is not for us to invite people to come and listen but for us to go and bring salvation to people.

3) Q. Where can we find such a pattern of a person who went out to meet sinners?
A. In the Gospels, the Lord Jesus Himself was such a pattern. He desired to preach the gospel to us, the sinners, but, instead of sitting in heaven and bidding us to go there, He came down from heaven to us

4) Q. When the Lord was on the earth how did He meet people?
A. The Lord Jesus purposely went to the city of Jericho to seek a God-chosen yet fallen sinner, Zaccheus, and to bring salvation to his whole house. He went to different places to seek and save sinners.

5) Q. I would like to open my home and invite other believers to eat with me. Was it a practice by the early churches?
A. In the early churches, the believers often took meals together for the sake of fellowshipping and worshipping together in love. When we come together to eat, we express our mutual love for one another.

6) Q. Once I invite other believers to my home, what should we do?
A. When we come together, we talk about the Lord Jesus, about His holy Word, and about our spiritual experiences. This kind of contact will revolutionize the church.

7) Q. I am not a person who likes to go out and visit people. Is this a good excuse for not going out?
A. Going out and visiting people is not an easy thing, because we do not have this habit and practice. We need to have a change in our natural being. We should not excuse ourselves by saying that we were born to be a certain way

8) Q. I only contact others when I feel like it or when I think the time is right. Is this a good practice?
A. We need to build up a habit of contacting others. We should not be limited in our contact. We need to practice this one lesson—to contact people

9) Q. When I open my home should I invite my non-Christian friends also?
A. We are saved and the Lord Jesus has become our best friend. We should prepare a love feast in our home and invite our sinner friends to come so that they also may receive the Lord Jesus as their friend.

10) Q. In our gospel living, isn’t it enough just to invite others to our homes?
A. Not only should we invite others to our home, but we should also try to be invited by others to their home. The Lord’s blessing will follow us if we practice this in a loving and intimate way.