4. The Principle of Helping New Ones 帮助新人的原则

1) Q. I don’t know what to do when I try to meet with a new one. Is there anything I should focus on?
A. The key point in our bringing people to salvation is to help them to make the “connection” with the Lord that they may be quickened by the Lord within.

2) Q. Most of the time, we take care of the new ones in the homes. How do we have living and vital home meetings?
A. When we go to the home meetings, we have to touch others’ spirits, open them up, and enliven their spirits. If others’ spirits are touched, we have to give them some further enlightening and revelation.

3) Q. After I lead a new one to touch the Lord, shouldn’t this be enough?
A. We must open them up further by telling them that we need to call on the Lord and to pray. To pray is not just to beg the Lord to do something for us. Prayer is a kind of calling on the Lord Jesus.

4) Q. My friends just received the Lord and I do not know how to shepherd them. What is the best way to shepherd?
A. The end of 1 Corinthians 12 reveals that love is the most excellent way. How do we shepherd people? Love is the most excellent way. Love is the most excellent way for us to be anything or do anything.

5) Q. Although my friend has received the Lord, he is still involved in sinful things. How can I help him?
A. The more he calls on the Lord, the more the Lord will touch him about sinful things. He will feel sinful and filthy when he touches these things. We have to help others according to this principle.

6) Q. I want to help the new ones under my care, but I don’t know how?
A. The only way to render a proper feeding to the new ones is to do it on the basis of the experience of life which we have after salvation, corresponding to the word of the truth in the Bible

7) Q. There are times when the new one I am caring for asks a lot of questions. What should I do when this happens?
A. A new one may ask many questions, yet you must always have the concept that you are dealing with a babe in Christ. If you can learn this secret, you will be welcomed by every new one.

8) Q. When taking care of newly saved ones, should we expect them to change in short amount of time?
A. The spreading of life needs a certain amount of time proper, adequate labor with a sufficient amount of patience. In 1 Cor. 3:6 Paul said, “I planted, Apollos watered, but God caused the growth”.

9) Q. With the new ones under our care, should we be satisfied with their initial salvation or is there more?
A. We must present them as matured believers to Christ. We need to sow the seed and take care of the seed until it grows unto maturity.

10) Q. In addition to telling the new ones to do things like reading the Bible and praying, what else is important?
A. We ourselves first must be the kind of person that we want the new ones to be. For example, we cannot lead others to read the Bible and pray unless we ourselves do so.