2. The Application of the God-ordained Way by a Revived Life 借着复兴的生活应用神命定之路

1) Q. Where in the Bible can we find the thought of revival?
A. Habakkuk 3:2a speaks of revival: “O Jehovah, revive Your work / In the midst of the years.” Among God’s elect there has always been an aspiration to be revived.

2) Q. How do we enter into this new revival?
A. We can enter into a new revival by arriving at the highest peak of the divine revelation through the ministry of the age.

3) Q. The ‘high peak of the divine revelation’ are new words to me. What do they mean?
A. The highest peak of the divine revelation given to us by God is the revelation of the eternal economy of God

4) Q. The Bible is one of the greatest books ever written and as such a great book, what is its main point?
A. God becoming man that man might become God in life and in nature but not in the Godhead is the essence of the entire Bible, the “diamond” in the “box” of the Bible, the eternal economy of God.

5) Q. What will happen if we practice living the life of a God-man?
A. If we practice living the life of a God-man, spontaneously a model living in the economy of God will be built up; this model will be the greatest revival to bring the Lord back.

6) Q. This model of the God-man living that will bring the Lord back. Is it individual or corporate?
A. We need a model. I do not mean that only some individuals should become a model. I mean that we need a corporate model, a Body, a people who live the life of a God man.

7) Q. I want to be revived and enter into this new revival. How can this happen?
A. We can enter into a new revival by shepherding people according to God, having the Father’s loving and forgiving heart and the Savior’s shepherding and seeking Spirit

8) Q. Now I know what cherishing means. In the Bible is there an example of a cherishing person?
A. The Jesus who is portrayed in the four Gospels is very cherishing. He came to the world just to cherish people. All people need Him to cherish them, to make them happy, comfort them, and give them rest.

9) Q. When Jesus was on the earth, why were so many people, even sinful ones were attracted to Him?
A. If He came to us in His divine status, this would intimidate us. But even the most sinful tax collectors could sit with Him as friends, eating and talking with Him.

10) Q. Once we start living the life of a God-man, what will happen?
A. Our living the life of a God man will save people, edify others, and build up the local churches even to the building up of the Body of Christ.