5. Lodging of Visiting Families 为来访的家提供住宿

1) Q. Hi Bill. Praise the Lord! We opened five saints’ homes to the five families who came from your locality. Is that OK with you?
A. Sure. That seems like the ideal situation for all of us.

2) Q. It is good that the homes are located quite close to each other. Isn’t that true?
A. Yes, it means that we will not have much difficulty in coming together to study.

3) Q. The families hosting the Chinese-speaking saints will provide for the study groups. Do you like this arrangement?
A. Yes, that would work out fine for them.

4) Q. The English-speaking pursuit meeting will be held in brother John’s home next door. Isn’t it wonderful that we have this arrangement in the Lord?
A. Yes, it should work out fine, since we were told the children will be taken care of in another home during our three hour study session.

5) Q. The brothers asked the saints, giving the hospitality, to prepare the rooms early, before the training starts. How do you feel about their preparation of your rooms?
A. It has made it easier on everyone, since everything has been provided for us.

6) Q. We have two homes opened for the Chinese-speaking families that do not speak English very well. Is there anything else that we can do for them?
A. No, because one family speaks Chinese and the other family speaks Spanish.

7) Q. Do any of the families need additional transportation to get their food? There are supermarkets nearby.
A. The family giving us hospitality will take care of us, but I will ask the other families.

8) Q. Did any of the five families say that they would have a problem with transportation to the Ministry Conference Center?
A. No, since all the families giving hospitality have said they will be able to take all of us.

9) Q. Just in case, an emergency arises, and you need a ride to the training, we have two vans to accommodate the saints. Isn’t that wonderful?
A. Yes. It is always good to have a backup in case someone cannot drive us there.

10) Q. Is there anything else we can do to make the families feel more comfortable before the training starts?
A. No, since you have provided everything to meet all the saints’ needs. Thank you!