8. Young People’s Meeting 青少年聚会

1) Q. I have a heart to serve the young people, but what must I learn to serve them properly?
A. We should learn five matters in order to lead the young people. First, the serving ones should focus on the material and skills needed in the work with the young people.

2) Q. In my service to the young people, how do I know if my approach is practical and effective?
A. We need to study together and experiment in various places to see whether a particular way is practical and effective. Then we should follow up with more study and improvement.

3) Q. When we decide what material to use in meeting, how should we prepare?
A. We should study and discuss the material to use in the young people’s meeting and whether the material that we used in the past is appropriate and practical.

4) Q. In addition to having the right materials and skills, is there anything else that we need?
A. Second, we need materials, including outlines, sections, and lines of study. We hope that the serving ones will consider the matter of materials thoughtfully and use them in a flexible way after digesting and assimilating them.

5) Q. The young people like to sing a lot in the meetings. How can the serving ones help with singing?
A. Third, the serving ones must learn some hymns, because there is a need to lead the young people to sing in the meetings. They must familiarize themselves with the hymns that the young people sing.

6) Q. Once the serving ones have the right material and know the hymns. Is this all that they need?
A. Fourth, the serving ones must pray much for the young people.

7) Q. Besides all these things you’ve mentioned, what else must serving ones learn?
A. Fifth, the serving ones must learn to blend together in spirit. Every meeting should be an opportunity to fellowship and blend in spirit. They should be free to open their spirit and fellowship their feelings and problems.

8) Q. Besides having a good time singing with the young people, what else should we do in the meetings?
A. According to our experience, we must impart spiritual content into our young people. This spiritual content must be related to spiritual knowledge on one hand and to spiritual life on the other hand.

9) Q. In the young people meetings, should our focus be toward knowledge or life?
A. We should not lean too much toward knowledge or too much toward life; we must be balanced. We must instruct them in matters related to spiritual knowledge and to spiritual life.

10) Q. If we are supposed to give the young people knowledge and life in a balanced way, what should we do?
A. We should give the young people knowledge and life in a way that these aspects interact with each other, being both a cause and an effect, and balance each other.