4. Love Feast for Visiting Saints 为着来访圣徒的爱筵

1) Q. Praise the Lord, Peter. Have you ever visited our locality before?
A. No, but I like the way you all sang the same hymn in three different languages.

2) Q. Do you sing that way in your locality?
A. No, we all sing the hymn in English, since we are all from a small town in the northeastern United States.

3) Q. Are more Chinese-speaking and Spanish-speaking people beginning to relocate into the area where you live?
A. The migration of Chinese-speaking and Spanish-speaking people is comparatively slow, except in the bigger cities.

4) Q. Your wife told me that you would like to play the guitar in the meeting. Would you like to blend that way?
A. Yes, thank you for allowing me to play the guitar with the local saints here.

5) Q. They usually sit near the piano. Is there anything more that you may need?
A. No, thank you. I can tune my guitar before the saints start singing.

6) Q. We have new ones this evening, is there someone you know, among the saints, who came from your locality that would like to share how he got saved?
A. Yes, my son Jerry was saved when he was 18, so his experience may appeal more to the younger ones here.

7) Q. You said that your wife wants to help the sisters to cook tonight. Does she have any experience with Chinese style or Mexican style cooking?
A. She says that she is comfortable to cook either way.

8) Q. If the Lord touches you, please do not hesitate to call a hymn or two. We will be reading chapter 25 of Matthew. Is that OK with you?
A. Yes. They must be familiar with hymn 1302, “Coming again, Jesus is coming again.”

9) Q. Yes, we have sung it many times in all three languages. Do you think the saints who came with you would enjoy singing the hymn with us?
A. They love this hymn, so nothing would give them more pleasure than to sing it with all of you tonight.

10) Q. Did you enjoy the blending meeting tonight?
A. Absolutely! Everything was so wonderful. The saints, the food, the hymns and especially the word of God with the ministry of the age.