3. Transportation of a Visiting Family 来访家庭的出行

1) Q. Hi, James. Isn’t it glorious that your family is going to the love feast on the Lord’s Day?
A. Yes, it is so good that the Lord arranged for us to blend with the saints here.

2) Q. Do you know if you’ll need a ride after the Lord’s Day meeting?
A. Yes, we will need a ride, since our host family that has given us hospitality will not have their car.

3) Q. Will it be OK with you, and your family, if we wait 15 minutes after the meeting, for me to drive you there?
A. Yes, since you are doing the driving and we are just going along for the ride.

4) Q. Did you know that the host family will be driving you to the training session each day?
A. Yes, they told us that, and they want us to prepare food to take with us every day.

5) Q. Do you need a ride to get the necessary food items that you may need?
A. Perhaps, I will see if they are able to take us to pick up any food we need.

6) Q. Would you like to eat out once or twice between the training sessions? If so, we can give you transportation to one of the restaurants nearby.
A. I am not sure yet, I will need to ask my family. I will also ask the other families.

7) Q. Do you know if any of the brothers need a ride back to the meeting during the rest time?
A. I am not sure, but I will find out who needs a ride and let you know.

8) Q. Did you know that there will be transportation available, for the outing, after the Lord’s Day meeting?
A. No we did not. Thanks for letting us know.

9) Q. Can you please let the visiting families know, if they need anything for our trip to the Grand Canyon, we will get it for them.
A.Yes, that will be great, since we will not have a car available for them to use.

10) Q. Would you like to join us later for prayer and fellowship in the preparation for the blending meeting we will have during the outing?
A. Yes, I would like to join all of you in prayer and fellowship.