8. Occupation 职业

1) Q. I have a job, but I am always thinking about how to earn more money. Is this okay?
A. As believers we should not have our mind occupied with money day and night. Do not try to constantly consider how you can make money.

2) Q. I want a job that is going to make me rich. Is this a good goal for me?
A. If you have the chance to choose your job, I hope that you will choose one that will increase goods rather than increase your personal wealth.

3) Q. As a Christian, is there any kind of job that I should avoid?
A. If you buy something and then sell it, hoping in your heart that you will make money in the process, you are engaging in the lowest occupation, not only from a Christian’s point of view, but also from unbelievers’ point of view as well.

4) Q. I have a job, but I always have ideas of making more money. Is this okay?
A. Once the idea of making money comes into a person’s mind, the result is very simple – one will get more money while another will have less.

5) Q. My friends make a lot of money trading stuff. I want the same for myself. Can I join them?
A. Trade always makes money for oneself at the expense of others and at the expense of decreasing the riches of the world. This is not the kind of occupation that God wants.

6) Q. As a working Christian, why is it important to be delivered from the power of money?
A. God’s children must be fully delivered from the power of money. This is the only way for them to serve God and for the church to have a way to go on.

7) Q. Even though I don’t like my job, what should I keep in mind as a working Christian?
A. Do not allow anything to distract you from the direct, personal experience of Christ. We should care only to live Christ and magnify Him. God’s desire today is that we live Christ, even in our workplace.

8) Q. In my job or business, why is it important to have the right view of how to earn money?
A. Our belief is to increase the abundance of the land, not the money of the world. If we do this, the money we receive will be clean and when we offer it to God, it will be acceptable to Him.

9) Q. If I have a successful business or good job, can I use these to become wealthy?
A. If we are more honest, diligent, and frugal than others it is possible that within a short time we can become wealthy. But we do not want to be wealthy and lose our testimony as Christians.

10) Q. I have heard that the Lord wants us to do business until He comes. What does this mean?
A. While the Lord Jesus did say that we needed to do business until He comes, this means that we should give ourselves to our work like a businessman giving himself to his business.