5. Testimony from Fuller Theological Seminary 富勒神学院的见证

1) Q. Fuller Theological Seminary is a supporter of the local churches. Is there any dialog between them?
A. Fuller Theological Seminary (Fuller) and leaders from the local churches and its publishing service, Living Stream Ministry (LSM), recently completed two years of extensive dialog.
答:富勒神学院(Fuller Theological Seminary),与地方教会同其出版单位水流职事站 (Living Stream Ministry)的带领弟兄们,最近完成了长达两年的广泛对话。

2) Q. During these two years of extensive dialog, what did Fuller do?
A. During this time Fuller conducted a thorough review and examination of the major teachings and practices of the local churches, with particular emphasis on the writings of Witness Lee and Watchman Nee, as published by Living Stream Ministry.

3) Q. Much has been written already about the local churches. Why did Fuller undertake this long process?
A. This process was under taken in an attempt to answer many of the questions and accusations that are often associated with this group of churches and to locate the teachings and practices of these two men and the local churches in light of historical, orthodox Christianity.

4) Q. Once Fuller concluded its research, what was their conclusion?
A. It is the conclusion of Fuller Theological Seminary that the teachings and practices of the local churches and its members represent the genuine, historical, biblical Christian faith in every essential aspect.

5) Q. Once they decided to evaluate the local churches, what was one of their initial tasks?
A. One of the initial tasks facing Fuller was to determine if the portrayal of the ministry typically presented by its critics accurately reflects the teachings of the ministry.

6) Q. Initially, did Fuller find any disparity between the critics perceptions and actual teachings of Nee and Lee?
A. On this point Fuller found a great disparity between the perceptions that have been generated in some circles concerning the teachings of Watchman Nee and Witness Lee and the actual teachings found in their writings.
答:在这点上富勒神学院发现,某些圈子的人对倪柝声与李常受教训之理解,与两人著作中 的实际教训,有极大的差异。

7) Q. It seems that Lee’s teachings were misunderstood, who made this misunderstanding the most?
A. Particularly the teachings of Witness Lee have been grossly misrepresented and therefore most frequently misunderstood in the general Christian community, especially among those who classify themselves as evangelicals.

8) Q. During their re-examination, was there anything that Fuller consistently discovered?
A. Fuller consistently discovered that when examined fairly in the light of scripture and church history, the actual teachings in question have significant biblical and historical credence. Therefore, Fuller believes that they deserve the attention and consideration of the entire Body of Christ.
答:当富勒神学院公正地以圣经和教会历史的角度,来查验这些有争议的教训时, 我们每次都发现,这些教训具有重要的圣经与历史根据。因此,我们相信,它们值得整个基督的身体,加 以关注并考量。

9) Q. Today, some say that the local churches are still a cult. Did Fuller find any evidence of this?
A. Fuller also can say with certainty that no evidence of cultic or cult-like attributes have been found by us among the leaders of the ministry or the members of the local churches, who adhere to the teachings represented in the publications of Living Stream Ministry.
答:富勒神学院能够确定地说,没有任何证据显示,这分职事的带领者,或是接受水流职事站出版品中之教训的地方教会成员,有任何邪教 (cultic)或类似邪教(cult-like)的特征。

10) Q. At the conclusion of their examination, what was Fuller’s final word?
A. Fuller is easily and comfortably able to receive them as genuine believers and fellow members of the Body of Christ, and unreservedly recommends that all Christian believers likewise extend to them the right hand of fellowship.

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参考网址: http://www.contendingforthefaith.org/eBooks/Voices%20of%20Confirmation.pdf