7. The Nature of the Vital Group 活力排的性质

1) Q. What is the nature of the vital group?
A. The nature of the vital groups is spiritual. To be spiritual means to be filled with the Holy Spirit, within and without. We need to practice to be filled every day, every morning, and even every evening.

2) Q. As a member of a vital group, I am not always active, fresh, and new. What should I do?
A. Every day we need to pray, “Lord, fill me with Yourself.” We all, young and old, need to pray in such a way. This will cause us to be active, fresh, and new.

3) Q. As a Christian, why is it important to be filled with the Spirit?
A. A proper Christian is one who is filled with the Spirit. We should not be “flat tires.” We should be those who are filled with the Spirit, within and without, essentially and economically.

4) Q. In some of your meetings, people rejoice and shout in a loud voice. Why does this happen?
A. The Bible tells us that whenever the people of God come together, they should make not merely a joyful voice, but a joyful noise. For this we need to be filled inwardly with the Holy Spirit.

5) Q. Once we come together and pray, should we only expect to be filled inwardly with the Spirit?
A. When the disciples prayed together in one accord, eventually they were all filled out¬wardly. In the book of Acts, they experienced the outpoured Spirit again and again.

6) Q. I know I have a spirit deep within, but how can I have a burning spirit all the time?
A. Paul says in 2Tim. 1:6, “For which cause I remind you to fan into flame the gift of God”. We should all be stirred up by the Lord, and we also need to fan our spirits into flame.

7) Q. When we pursue the vital groups, is it ok to have self-preference or personal taste?
A. We need to forsake all self-preferences and disregard all personal tastes. Our self-preferences and personal tastes are a great hindrance to the keeping of the oneness of the Body.

8) Q. How should we keep the oneness of the Spirit?
A. To keep the oneness of the Spirit, we need to follow the Spirit’s direction and respect our fellow members’ feeling. Regardless of our view or opinion, we should always follow the Spirit.

9) Q. I love the Lord but I don’t love all believers in the same way. What does the Bible say about this?
A. Philippians 2:2 says that we should have the same love for all the saints. It is common for us to prefer certain saints over others. This shows that we do not love all the saints with an equal love.

10) Q. Once we have a vital group, what else can we do to help one another?
A. We need to build up an intimacy with all the members of our group. To do this, one member of the group may call another during the day for a few minutes of contact and fellowship.