9. The Start of the Vital Group 活力排的开始

1) Q. In starting the vital groups, what is the first thing that we should do?
A. In forming the vital groups, the first thing that we need is to be vital. A vital group cannot be formed by organization. It can come into being only by a saint who is desperate and absolute for the increase.

2) Q. I really want to start a vital group, but do I have to fellowship with others about this?
A. You have to fellowship about how to start your vital group. You can fellowship with your companion through desperate prayers for the Lord’s blessing.

3) Q. Once I tell my companion about the need for a vital group, what is the next step?
A. We need to have an intimate and thorough fellowship in our group by exercising our spirit with much and thorough prayer, concerning our status, spiritual condition, and present situation in and with the Lord.

4) Q. After my companion and I have had thorough fellowship, how should we go on?
A. In addition to having thorough fellowship with our companions, we also need to confess all of our hindrances that we may be blended together into one accord.

5) Q. I would like to be a vital person, but I am too busy. What should I do?
A. 2 Timothy 2:4 says that no soldier entangles himself with the affairs of this life, that he may please the one who enlisted him. If we are going to be vital persons, we must clear away all earthly entanglements.

6) Q. Some Christians I meet seem to be filled with the spirit all the time. What is their secret?
A. We need to pray unceasingly that we may be brought into the infilling and outpouring of the essential and economical Spirit. The secret to being filled with the Spirit inwardly and outwardly is our prayer.

7) Q. Once we are vitalized and grouped together, do we need to take any further steps?
A. After we become vital and are grouped together in the vital groups, we need to do something. First, we need to pick up a burden, and then we need to take action to contact people.

8) Q. In a vital group what do you do, if some have a burden to contact others and some do not?
A. We need to take definite action to go and contact others, either sinners or Christians. To be vital is not only to be living but also to be burdened and very active for the Lord’s interests.

9) Q. In contacting others, should we expect to have quick results?
A. We should not expect to have a quick result contacting others. Rather, through prayer and intersession we should set a definite goal with a strong determination to gain at least one remaining fruit yearly.

10) Q. What should be our goal as members of a vital group?
A. According to John 5:16, we have been chosen by the Lord and set by Him to go forth and bear remaining fruit. Fruit-bearing is our destiny, and to bear remaining fruit every year must be our goal.