7. Witness Lee 李常受

1) Q. I have heard a little about Witness Lee and his early Christian life. Can you tell me more
about him?

A. Witness Lee, 1905-1997, was saved and turned to the Lord through the preaching of Sister Peace
Wang in April of 1925. At that time he was exceedingly ambitious as a young man for his education and
his future.
答:在一九二五年四月,李常受弟兄(1905~1997 A. D.)借着汪佩真姊妹的传福音,真正得救并转向主。当时他

2) Q. Once Witness Lee turned to the Lord, did this have a big impact on his life?
A. After he was saved, when he was walking home he stopped and prayed to God that he would like to
serve God and preach the Gospel of the Lord Jesus through the villages for his whole life at any

3) Q. In his early Christian life, did he get connected with other Christian groups?
A. He spent time with the Brethren Assembly, but one day in August 1931, as he was walking down the
street, it suddenly occurred to him that all the teachings he had received from them were mostly

4) Q. I heard that Watchman Nee and Witness Lee knew each other in their early days. How often did
they see each other?

A. While in Shanghai in October 1933, Watchman Nee received Witness Lee as his guest. He stayed with
him for about four months, and during that time Watchman Nee did a number of things to perfect him.

5) Q. Once they met with each other, did they work together to minister Christ to God’s people?
A. From 1933 onward, Witness Lee labored closely with Watchman Nee in the work of ministering Christ
for the building up of the Body of Christ.

6) Q. What happened when Watchman Nee was no longer able to carry on with the work?
A. When Watchman Nee was no longer able to carry on the work, Witness Lee continued to labor
according to the vision and pattern that he had observed in Watchman Nee’s life and work.

7) Q. After about twenty years of coordination with Watchman Nee, was Witness Lee able to continue
what he had seen?

A. In 1949, Witness Lee was sent by Watchman Nee and his other co-workers to Taiwan to insure that
the things delivered to them by the Lord would not be lost.

8) Q. After Witness Lee went to Taiwan, when did he leave there for the United States?
A. In 1962 Witness Lee felt led of the Lord to come to the United States, settling in California.
During his 35 years of service in the U.S., he spoke several thousand messages.

9) Q. As a spiritual man who had a great influence over many Christians, what was the main emphasis
of his ministry?

A. Witness Lee’s ministry emphasizes the experience of Christ as life and the practical oneness of
the believers as the Body of Christ.

10) Q. Witness Lee had many churches under his care. What was his goal in caring for these churches?
A. Witness Lee led the churches under his care to grow in Christian life and function. He was
unbending in his conviction that God’s goal is not narrow, sectarianism but the Body of Christ.

Reference: Watchman Nee—A Seer of the Divine Revelation in the Present Age, ch. 31. : (New
Believers Series, Church Life, VII-13 Witness Lee)